Don't give boring #FF's on Twitter

Posted on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

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A while back, I offered some suggestions on how to use your #FF tweets strategically, and how to build relationships through Twitter. On top of those, I've got a few tips on maximizing the impact of your #FF tweets, (both for you and the recipient). In Twitter, as in all things internet, it's all about the content. Here are my suggestions:

  • Don't bulk #FF. If you send a #FF that has seven handles in it, no one is going to click on each one individually and follow all of them. More likely? No one follows any of them. I recommend you include no more than two handles in any given #FF tweet, and then only if the people/orgs are closely related somehow.
  • Give context. I give #FF love to organizers, reporters, bloggers, Fantasy Football analysts, colleagues, allies, random friends... Not everyone who follows me is interested in all those things. So say something about WHY you're giving a #FF, like if the person did you a favor, or if she's a great reporter on your issue, helped you make the fantasy playoffs, etc. Followers will take your advice if the context interests them.
  • Have a little fun. You don't have to be super clever, but an interesting fact or funny tweet goes a long way. Not only are you more likely to get people more followers, but the recipient will appreciate that you took time to make it personal and fun.

Yes, it takes a little more time to send seven #FF tweets than one tweet with seven handles all mushed up. But it will be significantly more impactful on every level.

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Evan Sutton is Communications Director at NOI

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