Need help remembering to pay your bills?

Posted on Tue, Mar 11, 2014

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After spending too long struggling to remember when to pay my bills, I realized there had to be an app for that. Turns out, there is. In fact, there are many. After checking out a few options, I started using BillTracker for iPhone (here's a similar app for Android).  

It's super straight forward: You add your various bills, when they're due, the frequency with which they occur, and whether or not you have autopay set up. 

You can even set up push notifications to remind you to pay bills or when a bill is overdue. I use the calendar view to plan which bill I need to pay during a given pay period.

Once you pay a bill, you just mark it as paid on the app and then you're done until the next occurrence.


Have another system or app for keeping all your bills straight? Share in the comments!

Tiana Epps-Johnson is Director of NOI's Election Administration Team

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