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Posted on Thu, Aug 01, 2013

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Do you ever struggle to keep all your documents and videos from a project together? Do you find yourself wishing you could more easily reference an article or website you’re using to write a blog post?

If you’re the kind of person with a tendency to get lost in a single huge Word document (or between half a dozen tiny ones), Scrivener is the app for you. Available for Windows and Mac, Scrivener is designed for writers, but it can be the perfect tool for keeping all the pieces of a big project together. I love it for two reasons: its integrated research functions and its amazing structuring capabilities. 

  • Integrated research. The first big advantage of Scrivener is that it lets you store and organize all your research for a project right alongside the project itself. Say you’re writing a new employee handbook, for example -- Scrivener will let you reference any previous handbooks, orientation documents, or even helpful websites without leaving the application. 
  • Structuring capabilities. Last summer, I wrote a grant application that had about 30 tiny subsections. With customizable labels and a visual corkboard where your sections appear as movable index cards, Scrivener made it easy to sort and re-order these sections as I needed. It even lets the user assign each section a “status,” so that it’s easy to label and locate unfinished pieces of a project.

There’s a lot more to learn about this app -- it’s endlessly customizable and can fit the needs of just about any project. You can find extensive tutorials on their website.

Disclaimer: You do have to purchase the app, but they offer a 30 day free trial for you to test it out.

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Mariah Minigan is an Adminstrative Associate at NOI. 


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