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Posted on Tue, Dec 11, 2012


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A hiring manager called to inform me that my application for a position I really wanted made it past the initial review process, and he wanted to interview me the following day. I knew I was ready, regardless of the short notice, and accepted. 

But later that night, I realized I had nothing to wear; my suits were now too big for me, and nothing else in my closet was appropriate for an interview. The result was a frantic (and traumatic) visit to the mall that I could have avoided with some planning. If you began your job search, start planning now! 

  • Make a list of clothes you need for future interviews and then go shopping in your closet. Try on garments you already own and budget for alterations by a tailor if they don't fit. Not sure? Go to a tailor anyway! 

  • If you don't have the funds for new clothes, ask to borrow something from a friend or visit a consignment shop nearby. Bring along a friend or family member for a second opinion when you head to the store or mall. 

  • Make Mom proud: iron your clothes so they don't look like you picked them off your bedroom floor.

  • Store everything together; that way, you'll know where to find everything the day of your interview.

With everything done ahead of time, you can concentrate on other priorities. There's enough to worry about during a job search - asking for recommendations, budgeting, updating resumes and cover letters, even choosing a career path - don't forget about your pants.

Do you have an interview day horror story? Let us know in the comments on our blog!

Elizabeth April is Technology Coordinator at NOI.

Photo by opencontent, via Flickr.

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