Twitter tactics: "*&^% it, we'll do it live!"

Posted on Wed, Nov 28, 2012

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Twitter's great for lots of stuff, but one of the best things is updating people in real-time.

Whenever you think to yourself, "Gosh, I wish my readers/members/friends could be here," you're likely experiencing a tweetable moment. With practice, recognizing those moments can become second nature. Here are a few things to think about and keep your eye out for, both before and during events.

  • Quotable Moments: Are you going to any conferences, hearings or events that might yield good quotes for livetweeting? Be ready if you think a good quote might pop up!
  • Picture is worth 1,000 words (14,000 characters?): Are you going to be in a position to take interesting pictures on your phone at those events and post them to Twitter?
  • Connecting your work to the bigger moment: Is there an event that others are watching (like a big speech) that you can add commentary on to generate interest in your cause?
  • Insider access: Is this an opportunity to tell people about campaign activities in real-time (like a peek inside a training, a report-out on an event you're hosting, or a live view inside a cool action that's underway)?

Live tweeting can really capture the imagination and interest of folks who couldn't be there with you. When you can provide interesting, live content, it'll help generate interest in what you're doing, and raise your profile online!

Natasha Chart is a New Media Campaign Manager at the Service Employees International Union, and a member of the NOI community

Photo from Flickr user FindYourSearch, shared under Creative Commons license

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