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Our entire team is hard at work creating and distributing free Get Out The Vote resources to progressive organizers. Here's a menu of the tools, trainings, and knowledge at your disposal:

I. GOTV Organizing Materials
II. Election and Polling Place Tools
III. Online GOTV Classes
IV. Election Research

I. GOTV Organizing Materials

What is GOTV? [Download the entire packet (PDF)]

Organizing and Leading a Voter Contact Event [Download the entire packet (PDF)]

Preparing Volunteers for Election Day [Download the entire packet (PDF)]

Leading a Staging Location [Download the entire packet (PDF)]

Other Useful Materials

II. Election and Polling Place Tools

Electionary: Pocket Guide to Election Law

NOI's Electionary gives you all the info you've been desperately searching for along with rules you didn't even know you needed to know about. Most importantly to us, every piece of information is sourced and dated, so you know exactly how fresh it is and can trace it back to verify its accuracy. And hopefully, our information will help you easily reach out to voters with special needs, like military voters, people with felony convictions, or people who need assistance in the voting booth.

Updated tools coming 10/22!

III. Online GOTV Classes

Visit the NOI Toolbox's GOTV Resource Center for webinars from NOI OnDemand.

IV. Election Research

2010 Turnout: Quantifying the Quandary

Will 2010 disprove everything we thought we knew about elections? Will even reliable Democrats stay home while sporadically-voting Republicans surge? Can we even predict anything about voting in 2010 or are the political winds blowing so strongly that even our most firmly held assumptions will fall?

In this original research from the New Organizing Institute, we look at historical election results, exit polls, and voting trends in an effort to calm the storm of conjecture surrounding the 2010 election. While some things about voting in 2010 will be truly unique, other patterns we observe are clearly consistent with past midterms elections.

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Hispanics Civic Engagement Research

Latino voters are a growing force in American politics and their influence will continue to rise for generations to come. This original research from the New Organizing Institute identifies strategic opportunities for investment in Hispanic voters both right now and in the coming decades.

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Lost Voters, Lost Votes

In 2008, an estimated 1.9 million voters did not cast a ballot for one simple and solvable reason: they did not know where to go. As organizers, we know how frustrating it can be when people want to engage and want to vote, but don't know how. And when we don't have the resources easily available to give them the information they need, we miss opportunities.

"Where to vote" is among the most basic pieces of the democratic process, yet NOI's research suggests that millions of Americans don't vote because they don't have access to that information. Between ballots cast at the wrong polling place and ballots lost when voters simply don't know where to go on Election Day, Lost Voters, Lost Votes outlines how and where we lost those voters, and gives some suggestions about what we can do about it.

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And one last tip: Don't buy email addresses to help you Get Out The Vote.

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