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Millennial Project 2013: Engagement Organizing Webinar Series

At New Organizing Institute, we develop the practice of engagement organizing and leaders who are great at it. With this in mind, the Millennial Project is designed to engage students currently enrolled in community college in thinking, discussing, and doing organizing on their campus and in their communities. These students will have an opportunity to learn 21st Century skills in a 21st Century classroom.

Our program includes:

  • Monthly online instruction from leading organizing trainers and practitioners
  • Challenging lessons in organizing and leadership, digital strategies, data, and management skills, learned through real-world practice and reflection
  • A website to house all the monthly webinar videos, curriculum, share ideas, and other resources
  • Support from Millenial Project director and other talented leaders from New Organizing Institute’s Trainer’s Network who will hold office hours for feedback and coaching on organizing and leadership projects one time per month
  • Cutting edge distance learning technology and teaching strategies that provide a synchronous, interactive learning experience
  • FREE admission to the monthly webinars and online community website for all community college students, faculty and staff– thanks to funding from the Rappaport Family Foundation!


The Millennial Project seeks to develop this generation’s change seekers into change makers.  With our 2013 Community College Webinar Series, we aim to create more hope, skills and capacity for progressive change by connecting community college students seeking change in interactive, fun ONLINE learning experiences that explore the principles and practices of Engagement Organizing – and we will build the foundations for a nation-wide community of empowered activists in the process.

Engagement Organizing is a strong response to the recognition that the change we want will only come by engaging the full capacity of people around a compelling vision they believe in, and that that positive change is made by campaigns and organizations that identify and develop the leaders who live in all communities and engage them in transformational campaign experiences.

Our vision is to train an army of progressive leaders who learn how to make change by ORGANIZING within their own communities around the challenges and hope that they themselves identify, and who approach leadership as a practice, not a position.  With this program specifically, our goal is to inspire community college students to reflect on their own agency, as well as the power imbalances, challenges and resources of their community and to form a community college organizing community that commits to learning together regularly.

Our long-term goal for the Millennial Project is to inspire community college students and faculty to engage others in creating change in their community through organizing campaigns, and to equip them with the resources, trainings, tools, and framework to do so.

Why Community College Students?

With dramatic job losses and cutbacks on in the public and private sector and the rising cost of tuition, many people are turning to the community college system to obtain new training and skills to make them competitive in this global economy.  In fact, the majority of our country’s undergraduate population is now at community colleges. However, the majority of funding for civic education programs goes to 4-year colleges and universities. Furthermore, like many other systems affected by the nation’s economic dilemma, community colleges have been deeply impacted by the funding cuts at the State and Federal level. Ongoing budget cuts will continue to force community colleges to offer even less programming to civically engage the very students often on the frontlines of social injustice.

We recognize that community colleges are integral to fuelling the local, state and global economy by providing high skilled and educated workers. We also recognize the millions of diverse students at community colleges who are open to empowerment through leadership training to create change in our communities through civic and political engagement. It is with this understanding that the New Organizing Institute Education Fund is seeking to develop and hone leadership skills among this growing population of students attending Community College in the U.S.

Through NOIEF’s Millennial Project, we are looking to further expand our outreach, recruitment and training efforts by developing collaborative partnerships within the U.S. Community College system.  These partnerships would allow us to offer practice-based organizing and leadership courses with community-building opportunities, as well as real world civic participation experiences and peer mentoring to any Community College student who can access a computer, a strong Internet signal, and the desire to create change in their community and develop their own leadership skills.

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