New Media BootCamp


New Media BootCamp is one of NOI's core programs. This week-long immersion training is designed to provide participants with the skills required to take on a leadership role in New Media.

Why this training?

In just the past six years, New Media has gone from a little known field to a core department in almost every organization and campaign. Despite this growth, capacity lags far behind, and demand for qualified online organizers far outpaces the supply.

New Media BootCamp is designed for individuals with experience in online organizing and/or offline organizing who want to take the next step and develop the skills necessary to become New Media Directors. This seven day training blends theory and practice; participants learn through presentation, then practice and hone the theory through team exercises. Over the course of the week, teams build campaigns and compete with others as they learn to develop integrated campaign structures. At the end of the training, we provide placement assistance. Our graduates have gone on to serve in leadership roles in political campaigns, issue efforts, nonprofits, labor, and more.

What will be covered?

New Media BootCamp is designed to introduce proven practices in online organizing. By the end of the program, participants will develop core skills in online organizing, including the elements of a powerful email program, social networking, developing a ladder of engagement, and integrating with all campaign departments. Participants will understand the role of a New Media Director and how to interface with other elements of a campaign.

Who should apply?

In the past, participants have included long-time community organizers looking to expand their toolbox, recent college graduates, field organizers and other junior staff from previous cycles, and self-taught online organizers looking to gain more holistic training.

This year, we are expanding the size of the training to accomodate those already working in organizations who either wish to begin work in New Media or to expand their understanding and capacity in an existing New Media department.

Apply today for New Media BootCamp 2012

Application Process, Cost and Details

Applications will be reviewed, and followed by interviews for qualified candidates.

Scholarships are available for a limited number of applicants. Scholarship awards will be determined based on a number of factors, and may include all expenses, including travel. Scholarship applications can be submitted as part of the overall application process, and award determinations will be made during the acceptance process.

For those not receiving scholarships, the cost of the training is $1,300 per person, and includes meals and lodging (participants are responsible for travel).

For questions or more information about this or other NOI trainings, you can check out our FAQ page. Still not answered? Please email