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Action Alert Samples by Issue

How to write a Letter to the Editor

How to create and deliver an effective online petition

Effective Tools + Lazy Journalism for the win


NPR's Guide to Blogging

Case Studies

Global Voices Cyber-Activism - Over 6,000 digital advocacy case studies.


EchoDitto's Best Practices and Tips for Raising Money Online

Idealware's Getting Started with Email Fundraising

Idealware, again, with A Few Good Broadcast Email Tools

Convio's Holiday Giving Research


M+R 2014 Fundraising Report


Build a successful online team - Sample roles and job descriptions from EchoDitto

Local Organizing

NetSquared's Community Organizer Handbook - Wiki for planning events and growing community

Social Media

Organizational Policies - Examples of non-profit and other organizational policies governing staff usage of social media

Flickr Best Practices for Organizations


The Moth - Podcast "features people telling true, engaging, funny, touching and eye-opening stories from their lives."


Member Submission Guidelines (from

Please submit only one video under ten minutes in length.

  • YouTube/Google AccountIn order to upload your video, you must have a valid YouTube account. CLICK HERE to create a YouTube account.
  • Clear sound is crucial.If no one can hear it, no one will watch it. Make sure to shoot in quiet environments and project.
  • Don't backlight.Make sure light is on your face and not behind it - i.e. don't sit in front of a bright window.
  • Title and tag your videoUse the title "It Gets Better" and include your name and location - ex: "It Gets Better: Dan and Terry in Seattle".Use tags to describe your video so that other people can find it - ex: "Christian lesbian Nebraska" or "Seattle gay couple".


How to Create a Wikipedia Entry for Your Organization - Lessons learned, the hard way, by a non-profit

General Help and Guidelines - Wikipedia's tutorials and documentation

Whitepapers and Reports

SocialBrite - Great collection of whitepapers and reports

Writing for the Web

Yahoo Style Guide - Collection of best practices on writing content, headlines, SEO, and spelling and formatting technical words.