Online Organizing Curriculum

Online Organizing Curriculum


Why Use New Media for Organizing?(.ppt)
Online Organizing Overview (.ppt)
Online Organizing Worksheet (.doc) 
Online Organizing 101 (.doc) 
8 Tips for Successful Online Organizing (.doc) 


Strategy & Theory of Change

Online Theory of Change (.ppx)
Online Strategy (.pdf)
Online Timeline & Tactics (.pptx)
How to Ride the Wave (.ppt) 



How to Write an Email (.pptx)
Anatomy of an Email (.pdf) 
How to Write an Email Worksheet (.doc)
Email Editing Checklist (.pdf)
Email Proofreader's Cheklist (.xls) 



Online Advertising (.ppt)
Online Advertising 101 (.doc)
Online Advertising (Google & Facebook) (.ppt)
Online Advertising Worksheet (.doc)


Analytics and Testing

Culture of Testing (.ppt)
Metrics and Testing (.ppt) 


Blogs and Blogging

Blogs and Blogging 101 (.doc)
Blogs and Blogging Worksheet (.doc)
Blogger Outreach (.ppt)
Working with Blogs and Bloggers (.ppt) 


Field Integration

Online to Offline Engagement (.doc)
Online to Offline Engagement Worksheet (.doc)
Online to Offline Engagement (.ppt) 


Online Fundraising

Online Fundraising 101(.doc)
Online Fundraising Worksheet (.doc)
Online Fundraising (.ppt) 


Case Studies

Public Option Case Study (.ppt)



What about that Mobile Stuff (.ppt)
So..You wanna go Mobile? (.ppt)


Social Media

Social Media 101 (.ppt)
Social Networking 101 (.ppt)
Social Networking Worksheet (.doc


Story and Message

Crafting an Aspirational Message (.pptx)
Framing the Narrative (.pdf)
Message & Communication (.pptx)  


Using Video (.ppt)
Using Video 101 (.doc)
Using Video Worksheet (.doc)
Using Video Storyboard Worksheet (.doc)



Building Websites (.ppt)
Building Websites 101 (.doc)
Building Websites Worksheet (.doc)
Branding & Design (.ppts)
Web Design Principles (.pdf)
CRM & CMS (.ppt) 


 New Media Resources

 Campaign Technology (.ppt)


Technology and Tools

 Coming Soon!