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New Media Bootcamp

In just the past six years, New Media has gone from a little known field to a core department in almost every organization and campaign. Despite this growth, capacity lags far behind, and demand for qualified online organizers far outpaces the supply.

New Media BootCamp is a core NOI program. Since 2006, more than 200 organizers have been trained through New Media BootCamp. These organizers have gone on to fill roles as New Media Directors in campaigns and organizations around the country, and many now lead some of the most important progressive efforts in America.

Beginning with LGBT BootCamp in September, 2010, we expanded New Media BootCamp to address the needs of specific, underrepresented communities, including LGBT, black, immigrant, and Labor groups. As we expand our offerings, we also strive to build diversity in New Media and support organizations and organizers working in communities that are disproportionately impacted by economic and political disenfranchisement.


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